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requesting products.

hello sir/madam
it's my great nice to mail u this letter how are u
doing with ur business im the presenter of indiana
pentecost church and i will like to request  plain
t-shirts from your company and i will like u to ship
the items by internation to ghana church of pentecost
beause im a one who is helping the world wide church
in this world.if u will be able to ship it internation
for to ghana i will like and u tell me and i will give
us my fedex account to ghana.hope to hear from u.i
will like to request plain t-shirts.
COLOURS                 SIZES               QAUTITYS

WHITE                   XXL                   200

BLACK                   XXL                    100
RED                     XXXL                   200
BLUE                    XXL                    100
GREEN                   XXL                    200
ASH                     XXL                     200
ORANGE                    XXL                   200

                                  YOURS FATHER

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