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Re: Help: News items not visible

On Wed, 29 May 2002 06:14:24 +0100 (CET), Peter Karlsson wrote:
Uhmm, does the longer daylight in Sweden make people awake this early
in the morning??
When I traveled to Iceland for tree times I get also up at sun rise
very often - but to take photos and not to check in CVS ;-).
Many thanks, Peter.

> The news index is created from the English directory, and it only looks
> in the language directory to find translations.
> The is to swap the pointer in the call to get_recent_list to point to
> the German directory. If German is going to be the primary language for
> news for this project, this is probably the way to go.
Would you advise me to do so?  Generally I like to give the English
version first and translate into German.  The reason for the German upload
is, that I wanted to give the text of the German talk I holded and had
no time to translate yet.

Would you advise me to stick to my mother language?

> I have verified locally that this work, and will check in the fix in a
> few minutes.
Thanks.  I verified your CVS changes localy and they work for me to.

Kind regards


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