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Re: Error in the l10n page language list

On Tue, May 28, 2002 at 10:30:31PM +0300, Sinan Imamoglu wrote:
> In the localisation page, the language list includes both tr and tr_TR. These 
> should be merged. One is named Turkish, and the other Turkish spoken in 
> Turkey. There are several dialects of Turkish, but they have their own names, 
> like az for Azerbaijani Turkish and uz for Uzbek Turkish, etc. There is no 
> point in separating into two. In the tr_TR branch, there are only two PO 
> files, the rest is in tr.


this list is automatically generated, so you should check which packages
ship such bogus locales and file bugs against them.
When fixed packages are uploaded, tr_TR will vanish.


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