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Bug#147164: Also add information on how translations should work

The policy should also state, in order to avoid repeated work in
translations, how should people proceed when trying to translated
manuals available in the DDP.

1.- tell the maintainer so he's aware of it (he can keep track
of a README.translators file with all the people responsible)

2.- get in touch with the local translation team (mailing list if
available or send announcement of "Intention to Translate" to 
debian-i18n) or with the translation coordinator (listed in the
website?). Also note that some languages have translation coordination
information at www.debian.org/intl/language

3.- Documents must mark what version was translated (to keep track
of changes) in a similar way of the one used for wml page in the website.

	There shall be a README.translators file in the root directory
of the DDP CVS to explain this procedure.



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