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README for webwml/english/MailingLists/desc


 I started to translate the descriptions for the MailingLists and
stumbled upon this part of the README:

-> Caution: Since the lists description can be used in a text file, too, it
-> should not be wider than 52 characters. (In case anyone wants to make
-> mailing-lists.??.txt...)

 Uhm, is 52 really correct?  What is the rule for the *.heading files?
For they seem to have other rules, none of those are below 52

 <nitpick>I found some descriptions that are wider than 52 (e.g. 53) -
should that be changed?</nitpick>  *ducks*

 'till then,
mknod /dev/aha c sky earth
                                  -- me, 08/2000

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