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Re: debian-at Mailinglist

* Tille, Andreas <TilleA@rki.de> [2002-05-23 08:34]:
> Hmm, while I never realized that there is a debian-at list I wonder
> if the language barrier to German is this high that a different list
> besides debian-de would make sense.  Wouldn't it be better to join forces
> in one list?

 The barrier is that high.  It's as high as from american english to
british english.  That's why I am thinking of starting a de_AT
translation for the website.

 Honestly, the list was created for something completely different. It
merely is a list for keysigning coordination in austria.  It's place in
the user-section is questionable anyway.  It should be moved to the
development lists section.

 Have fun,
I don't know, chmod g+a something  and the world goes crazy :)
                                  -- Craig Small, d-n-a@l.d.o

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