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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in regard of "Debian FAQ" to the addresses that are 
mentioned in "<F8> function" of the debian-boot disk as well as 
suggested by the debian FAQ itself.

My concern is that it is not so obvious to find the Debian FAQ,
and therefore I would like to suggest:

- The <F8> Help Function (BootDisk) should mention that the 
  Debian FAQ is available in these following places:
  a) ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/FAQ
  b) doc-debian package which will be installed into 
     /usr/share/doc/debian/FAQ at the localdisk.
  c) to mention that there is also a Linux FAQ in
     /usr/share/doc/FAQ (doc-linux-text package).

- Add a line in the default /etc/motd that mention where
  to get the FAQs and HOWTOs (or which directory/ package).

- Add an FAQ blue button at the top of Debian webpages
  (or perhaps a HELP blue button that has a FAQ link).

- I have no idea where to add it in the X11 environment;
  perhaps to add an FAQ button.

BTW, I tried to find out (in FHS and Debian Policy) the 
differences between /usr/doc/ and /usr/share/doc as well as 
why some documents are symbolic linked and why some are not.
May I know why?


Rahmat M.  Samik-Ibrahim -- vLSM.org -- http://rms46.vLSM.org --
-- f-k-root? sudo? su - ? Ha! ----------------------------------

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