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Helping to translate Debian Web Pages to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)


I would like to know if it's possible for me to get write access to debian-www (webml) CVS. I'm actually helping our brazilian project ,DebianBR[1], to translate Debian Web Pages to our native language but every time I translate or update something I need to send my work to one of the brazilian coordinators and bother them again and again.

I'm also already helping debian-boot people to translate Woody's Installatin Manual and I did some work before translating Woody's installer messages (dbootstrap's pt.po file). Also, I'm in the NM queue and had passed all the steps to become a Debian maintainer. I'm just waiting for DAM approval and account creation.

I'm already subscribed to debian-www mailing list and I think that this kind of access could help me more to help Debian :-) Maybe Gustavo (one of the brazilian portuguese translation coordinators) could recommend me to people responsible for giving this kind of access to translators ?

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