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Bug#115004: Please raise the priority of this issue


A real subword search support should, IMHO, be on a higher priority than 
"wishlist". It greatly affects peoples' ability to find correct packages.

For example, I just a moment ago first attempted to install "libxerces". Apt 
couldn't find it, obviosly. Just to check, I then searched for it as "xerces" 
with "search subwords" checked. No results. Only after searching the 
*descriptions* for "xerces", I found out that the package name was actually 
"libxerces1". Of course, it was just plain luck that the description 
contained the name - it could've as easily been something like "an XML parser 
for ...".

I read from some older comment that this could be done quite simply by 
upgrading swish++ to a newer version?

- Jarno

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