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Bug#141721: User's Guide to DDP (why not?)

On Thu, May 02, 2002 at 08:05:58PM +0200, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Pe?a wrote:
> > Also notice that Osamu was explicitely asking for the ex-Progeny User's
> > Guide, not the Reference this time.
> 	Well. Should it be added?

Yes, of course. I simply haven't gotten to it. I think I'll do it now.

> > Do I need to have you removed from webwml in order to prevent you from
> > committing redundant stuff again? Maybe the "Permission denied" message
> > would make you think those 5 seconds necessary to find out it's already
> > committed? :)
> 	I'm starting to think that maybe I should be restricted to
> spanish/ in order to not cause any more harm :(

Pleeeeease be more careful next time :)

I don't think we've ever removed anyone's commit privileges due to abuse,
and I sincerely hope we will never have to resort to that.

> > OTOH, I realize that it's way past time to remove the notion of admin
> > manuals vs. user manuals. We don't have any manuals that don't deal with
> > system administration (even the most user-oriented manuals include the
> > notion of installing necessary packages), and we probably won't have any
> > in the near future.
> 	Problem is, it seems that nobody (besides Osamu) is working on
> any totally user oriented manuals (or seems to be anyway). I'm not going
> to start to whine since I'm not doing much in this area myself.

:) Fortunately (or not?), most Debian users that read Debian documentation
actually installed it themselves so they know at least the basics of
computer maintenance, and a few system administration things.

> Off-topic: It it time some steped and took charge of all the documentation
> stuff in order to proprely set it up (formatting issues and other areas
> need yet to be cleared up and doc-policy does need a push). Do you feel
> like volunteering and asking Adam to leave you the responsability?
> IMHO you are doing the work he should be doing without the "official"
> title (not that I de-merit the work done by Adam in other areas but he
> has not done much doc-related since he was "absorbed" by boot-floppies)

Well, he's only got the Documentation Coordinator title, it's not like
that's worth much :) I'm already listed in several places on
www.d.o/intro/organization, I don't particularly mind not being listed
under documentation :)

Many things need work, and _everything_ needs polishing, when it comes to
our documentation. I think us old farts[1] need to work on getting more
youngsters[2] like Osamu and do everything we can to make the documentation
subproject a real collaborative effort, and what's more important, a
successful one. I'm afraid only the web pages (which count as documentation,
too!) get done near-optimally these days, unlike the rest of the docs.

[1] when it comes to Debian docs, that is. if anyone gets offended by this,
    they're really an old fart! :)
[2] likewise

     2. That which causes joy or happiness.

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