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Exposing the documentation (not)


I was just looking through our web pages, and I noticed that the
different manuals are rather hard to find.  On the front page, there
is a 'documentation' link, which I think is OK, but then on .../doc/,
there is a lot of text and some links in the text to the developers
manuals.  And a link to the ddp page.  on /dec/ddp, there is first
texts about the project etc, and then you find the list of manuals,
which links to a new page with descriptions of the manual state, bla
bla bla.

I think someone looking for docs on Debian should be rewarded for
finding the first link to .../doc/, and there find a list of published
manuals, with direct links.  

<Proposed layout sketch>

Debian specific manuals:

The main document ...installmanual...
User's manuals
Admin's manuals
(Debian) Developer's manuals
Other manuals

The complete list ... .../doc/ddp.

...the rest...

</Proposed layout sketch>

Comments?  Should I put up an example html page of this?


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