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kerneltrap interview with Neil


 I took a look at the 2001 urlcheck output and stumbled upon this link:

<http://www.debian.org/News/2001/20011113.en.html> links to
<http://kerneltrap.com/article.php?sid=375> which isn't there anymore. I
don't know exactly but could it be this very link:
<http://www.kerneltrap.org/node.php?id=5> -- it looks like it's right
but the date keeps puzzling me.  Though the interview is dated to 12th
of November last year which would match with the news posting on our
site but the posting is dated february this year....

 Could someone doublecheck that please just in case I would make a
mistake changing that link?  Furthermore I only find the second
paragraph of our news posting in that article, not the first one.

 Have fun,
<doogie> Thinking is dangerous.  It leads to ideas.
        -- Seen on #Debian

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