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Bug#138421: www.debian.org: Validation error in mirror/submit.wml

severity 138421 minor

* Martin Quinson <Martin.Quinson@ens-lyon.fr> [2002-03-15 11:09]:
> This page is not in valid HTML. Here are the error reported by validate:
> *** Errors validating submit.en.html: ***
> ------------------
> submit.en.html:386:59: there is no attribute "MAXLENGTH"
> submit.en.html:386:70: there is no attribute "WRAP"
> ------------------

 If you would have read the changelog entries for that files and the
debian-www list you would have noticed that these are in there on
intention to please broken netscape (4.x iirc) implementation.

 I didn't close the bugreport to keep it in mind but lowered it to minor
for it's not a real problem.

 So long,
Don't get mad, get interest.
                -- unknown

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