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Bug#134077: www.debian.org: packages.debian.org shows old packages after changing sections

reassign 134077 ftp.debian.org

* Jan Niehusmann <jan@debian.org> [2002-02-15 13:21]:
> With my last upload of the 'psi' package, I changed sections from
> main/net to non-US. The update worked smooth in sid, and after a while,
> the new package got accepted for woody. 
> Now, packages.debian.org/psi shows two versions of psi for testing,
> 0.8.4-1 in non-US and in main/net. The later one should be
> deleted (and in fact has been deleted in the archives, so the download
> links don't work any more)

 That is a ftp.debian.org bugreport, not one with the websites.  The
website is generated from the content of the archive, not the other way

 Think about it :)
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