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Re: templete/debian/cdimage.wml again

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 02:15:28PM +0900, Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote:
> I found that the "buy pre-made images" message on the topbar is
> not translated.  I imagine this is because of:
> (webwml/english/templete/debian/cdimage.wml line:119)
>       alt="buy pre-made images <sep>"
> in
>       <a href="$(HOME)/CD/vendors/"><img src="$(HOME)/CD/pictures/menu-buy.<cdpiclang>.png" width="41" height="27" alt="buy pre-made images <sep>" border="0" align="middle" hspace="6" vspace="1"></a>
> should be 
>       alt="<dc_buy> <sep>"
> Am I right?

Oh, yes! I have no idea how that got there, I was positive I did them all
correctly the first time...

> I have another suggestion.  Why <sep> is _inside_ the "alt" string?
> I think <sep> should be _between_ <a></a> and other <a></a>,
> like <a ...><img ...></a> <sep> <a ...><img ...></a> <sep> <a ...>....

I imagine that is because there's no need to have <sep> on the page that
display the images.

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