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questions on webwml/english/templete/debian/cdimage.wml


I wrote translated messages for webwml/english/templete/debian/cdimage.wml
but I found it doesn't work well.

Please see http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors.ja.html .

<img src="../../CD/pictures/menu-faq.ja.png" width="40" height="27" alt="faq ^[$B7"^[(B border="0" align="middle" hspace="6" vspace="1"></a>
<img src="../../CD/pictures/menu-jigdo.ja.png" width="60" height="27" alt="download with jigdo ^[$B7"^[(B border="0" align="middle" hspace="6" vspace="1"></a>

where "^[" means ESC.  On the other hand, I wrote cdimage.wml as:

<define-tag-sliced sep whitespace=delete>

where <B7> is 0xB7.  Note that I didn't give a translation of "faq".
Also note that I translated the "download with jingo" message.

<define-tag-sliced dc_jigdo whitespace=delete>
  [EN:download with jigdo:]
  [JA:jingo <A4><F2><BB><C8><A4><C3><A4><BF><A5><C0><A5><A6><A5><F3><A5><ED><A1><BC><A5><C9>:]

Thus, the strange byte sequence of ^[$B7"^[(B is perhaps come from
translation of [JA:|:] .

(1) Why ISO-8859-1 (non ASCII) character is used for English message
    (which can be used as a part of non-English page) ?  It should
    be avoided.

(2) Why "|" doesn't work?

(3) Why my translation of "download with jingo" (and other translations)
    are not used?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/intro-i18n/

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