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Re: Debian WWW people page

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 12:15:25PM +0530, Muthukrishnan, Ramakrishnan wrote:
> I noticed that my name is listed as Muthukrishnan, Ramakrishnan and none
> of my packages are listed in the page[1]. Instead it is listed under
> M,Ramakrishnan (which is the name I gave in the debian/control file. 
> I have a suggestion. Why not this be done on the basis of the email id.
> For example, if in the above case, the listing was done based on email,
> then, all my packages would have been listed in one place. 
> Is this a bug, or is it the way it should be?

The developers database says your surname is Muthukrishnan and your packages
say it's M. The script can't go around guessing these things, it just
displays them all.

I'll make an override to rewrite M into your full surname and all will be

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