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Re: website

On Mon, Nov 12, 2001 at 05:35:44PM +0100, newmatrix media | md wrote:
> As i guess you are using a mysql backend

No, we don't, because that would make it harder to have mirrors. Instead, we
generate the static pages (i.e. .html files), but we do it often enough.

Everything that needs do be done dynamically is separated from
www.debian.org and done using CGIs, PHP + postgresql, stuff like that.

> it would be quite easy to keep the existing design as a text only version
> and providing another enhanced version for other users? (only if you want
> to)

Perhaps... it depends on how the enhanced version would look like :)

Could you post a few URLs of the web pages that you've done? Regardless if
they were done in a similar style...

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