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Re: United Kindom != England

On  8-11-2001, at 08h 13'17", Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  I'm currently in the english/template/debian/countries.wml file, and if
> I interpret the translations correct, it seems that the following
> language tags seem to translate it to England:
>    'GB' => {'EN' => 'United Kingdom',
> 	    'AR' => '??í?Çäí?',
> 	    'CA' => 'England',
> 	    'DE' => 'England',
> 	    'FI' => 'Englanti',
> 	    'ID' => 'Inggris',
> 	    'RO' => 'Marea Britanie',
> 	    'TR' => 'Ýngiltere',
>            },
> .... these are just those who I *think* mean England in their languages.

In Romanian ``Marea Britanie'' means Great Britain, ``Anglia'' means
England and ``Regatul Unit'' would mean United Kingdom.

As you see I did not translate it with England because I know it is not
fair. But I prefered to use the translation of Great Britain rather than
United Kingdom, because more than 90% of Romanian will be puzzled
of which kingdom we are talking. The full name is United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northen Ireland, if I am not misteaken. The term of
Great Britain is more familiar in Romania, but of course many people
prefer to use the term England for the whole country.

So, if you prefer to stik to the original I will have to translate using
the full name: ``Regatul Unit al Marii Britanii şi Irlandei de Nord''.

Ionel (a Romanian Translator of www.debian.org)

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