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Re: CVS webwml/english/intro

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 05:32:21PM +0300, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> >      * Security Team -- <[80]debian-security-private@lists.debian.org>
> >             member Martin Schulze
> >             member Wichert Akkerman
> >             member Daniel Jacobowitz
> >             member Michael Stone
> >             member Robert van der Meulen
> >             Secretary Matt Zimmerman
> >             Secretary Noah Meyerhans
> > 
> > which means, either it should be "Member" or "secretary".  I'd vote
> > for the first, if I had a voice...
> Feel free to change it, Josip Rodin replied to me (on this list) and
> said go for it, so I changed it that way.

I wasn't aware that the <secretary> tag was ucfirst()...

> If you want to work on better way, such as listing other members as
> "officers" and last two as "secretaries", would that be good solution? 
> (This is the way it's said in security/faq.wml.)

Yes, security officer is better than security team member.

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