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stattrans.pl seems to be broken!!


 I think there must be a bug in the recent stattrans.pl updates.  If you
look e.g. at the de.html you will notice that the version of e.g.
international/Chinese/index for english is considered as 1.15, which
simply isn't true.  It's just 1.6.  The diff also points to the
chinese/international/Chinese/index page.

 This seems to happen for pages that don't have an english orgiginal.
Although that might be useful for some people it's blatantly wrong.  The
translation-check in the german version doesn't refer to the chinese
english version - and therefore shouldn't be chacked against the chinese
version but the english one!

 The same applies to the finnish, polish, romanian and spanish pages.
Could someone pretty please revert the changes that caused that so we
can work on as usual?

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