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About not working links on my mirror !!!!!

To whome it may concern

I have downloaded all the necessory html pages from www.au.debian.org.And I have put them in /linux/debian-www/ directory. My web root is var/www/.When I tried to my mirror it displays index.html page ( By using file:/linux/debian-www/index.html) but the links on that page is not accessible.When I look at the page source it doesn't contain the extension in links. When I try to access the links it simply displays the message:
   netscape unable to find the file or directory named
 But when I look at the archive it exists.Why is this? .What should I do?
I urgently need an answer to this question because I need to setup a webmirror for debian in University of Ruhuna, Matara, Sri LAnka.I think You will answer my question as soon as possible.
Tharaka Sesath Ilayperuma
Dept. of Computer Science,
University of Ruhuna,
Sri Lanka.

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