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Joy with CVS....

Ok folks,

I have gotten cvs access, I checked out the dutch and english sites (cvs
co webwml/dutch cvs co webwml/english) and I started translating a page or
two yesterday. Then I wanted to do make file.nl.html in order to test my
work, and whaddayaknow, no Makefile.common.
I spent the rest of the day reading the docs, and I figured that the
necessary dev files should be in the top cvs directory. They are not
there. The only way I found til now to get all the necessary files is by
doing cvs co webwml but that downloads the entire page. So here's the

1. Is there a way to get the necessary files out of cvs without getting
the whole site out of CVS?
2. Alternatively, could I just delete all the directories with different
languages and only keep dutch and english and the toplevel files?



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