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Re: ID: Translating Pages

Martin Schulze wrote:

>> Sure, but I believe that
>> http://debianx.vlsm.org/devel/website/translating
>> does not sound too straight forward. I might need a couple
>> of months to understand on how the system works.
> Well, that's ok.  Take your time, it's always better to use more
> time but provide better work.
> The page should be straight forward, if not, tell us what is
> missing - and ask questions, detailed questions, not "how does
> it work" but "how does xyz work" (xyz != "it", for the pedants...)


Since there is no Indonesian translation team yet, may I
coordinate one?

I have just check out the current english wml files from the CVS
server. I am going to try to examples in the coming weeks.
Thus, detailed questions (if any) will follow.

May I know how much the  traffic of the debian-www list is?

P.S. I have never use wml before.


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