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Bug#104329: lists.debian.org/index.html is too large and growing

Package: listarchives
Version: as of 10 July 2001

The web page http://lists.debian.org/index.html is 160k and growing.
This is inconvenient when I access it at home; it takes a long time
to load and most of it is irrelevant when I'm trying to check a specific

I suggest a reorganization, as follows.  The top page would only
change when a new list is created.  It would look something like

<li><strong><a href="debian-announce-index.html">debian-announce</a></strong>: Important announcements<ul>
<li><strong><a href="debian-changes-index.html">debian-changes</a></strong>: Stable package upgrade announcements<ul>

etc.  Each list would, in turn, have a master index page with links
to individual months or years.  This page would also have room for
more text if desired, like a longer description of the list, but this
would be completely optional.

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