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Re: "Sitemap" webpage

Tomohiro KUBOTA <tkubota@riken.go.jp> writes:

> Note that new web browsers which understand <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-
> Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=foobar"> will NOT be confused by
> any encodings.

But some sites screw up the charset :-(  Claiming to use one encoding
and using another.

> UTF-8 is not popular yet and some browsers may fail to display,
> though I think the situation will change in five or ten years.

Probably less :-)

> On the other hand, better wml handling may be an another (and better)
> solution.  Though I don't know well about wml parser, I think it is
> possible because title for each page in the sitemap has no problem.
> (I.e., "ports/" item in sitemap page is broken while the title of
> "ports/" page is good.)  Thus, I expect someone who is familiar with
> wml programming can find this solution.

Hmm, that sounds like it could be an inconsistency in the parser rules
(not that I know anything about wml though).

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