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Supported machines, cards, and architectures

I'd like to make a suggestion. There is often confusion about which machines
Debian supports and which we don't, yet. There is a bewildering array of
machines, not to mention network cards, displays, mice, video cards, sound
cards, port types, and so forth which an individual system might
mix-and-match. Many of the Ports pages are out of date.

Debian supports a *lot* of systems. I think it would make sense to start
trying to list which ones, specifically. Also, it would be really nice to
know which ones aren't supported, both for new would-be users and for
developers as a todo list.

I think the easiest way to achieve this, would be to provide a web page
where people could enter in their system components, preferably chosen from
a list of known components with an 'other' capability. Then, they could also
enter a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, on Debian on that architecture. Also any
specific problems.

Then after submission of the user's hardware specs, the system can show a
(dated) list of previous user's experiences with those components.

We sould also need to sprinkle pointers to this page into the install
documentation, FAQs, probably even put a link on the front Debian page.

What do people think?

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