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www.uk.debian.org page defaults to Chinese language translation

The www.uk.debian.org page defaults to a Chinese language version; as the
default installation of internet explorer is broken with regards to content
negotiation (the default install only sends language-country; e.g. my copy
only sent by default "en-US" not "en-US" and "en"), this means that many
people visiting the site in the UK will not get a page in the language
generally accepted for things originating from the UK.

This most certainly violates the principle of least surprise.  I will note
that www.debian.org defaults to English across the entire site.

www.it.debian.org comes up with the front page in Finnish but the contact
page in Chinese.  Perhaps the server is choosing the smallest page?

I would strongly suggest that either each server named by www.[country
code].debian.org default to (one of) the predominant language(s) in the
country in question or, at the very least, that a common default language be
set across all *.debian.org servers.  The behavior of the Italian server is
truly surprising to anyone not used to content negotiation bugs.

Perhaps a nit to Microsoft about their broken default install would also be
in order.  I wonder where one would send that.

Daniel Martin <dmartin@fame.com>
Fame Information Services
(US) 609-520-9099 x170

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