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Re: Language sorting

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 09:59:11AM +0200, peter karlsson wrote:
> Would it be possible to extend the language specific sorting done on the
> mirror list to also sort the language list on international/ and perhaps
> also on distrib/vendors (I have been sorting the list at the top manually
> until now)?

Here is english/international/index.data
I will work on distrib/vendors later.

# This file doesn't require any translation.
# It is separated from index.wml so that new language
# can be added without having to update every copy
# of index.wml
#use wml::debian::languages

my %urls = (
    chinese    => "Chinese/",
    croatian   => "Croatian/",
    finnish    => "Finnish",
    french     => "French",
    german     => "German",
# commented out since page doesn't exist yet.
# hellas => "Hellenic",
    hungarian  => "Hungarian",
    italian    => "Italian",
    japanese   => "Japanese",
    korean     => "Korean",
    norwegian  => "Norwegian",
    polish     => "Polish",
    portuguese => "Portuguese",
    romanian   => "Romanian",
    russian    => "Russian",
    spanish    => "Spanish",
    swedish    => "Swedish/",
    turkish    => "Turkish"    

my %sorted_urls = ();
foreach $u (keys %urls) {
    $sorted_urls{$trans{$CUR_ISO_LANG}{$u}} = $urls{$u};
print "<UL>\n";
foreach $u (sort langcmp keys %sorted_urls) {
  print "<LI><A href=\"$sorted_urls{$u}\">".$u."</A>\n";
print "</UL>\n";


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