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netscape 4. and www.debian.org

Dear all,

We all know that Netscape 4. doesn't have good support for
Unicode. What ever the language is set to, in the home page
of Debian, the list of languages after the "This page is
also available in the following languages" is full of
questions marks. Netscape 6., Mozilla and IE are better in
this case.

I was wandering if you all will be agree to set all the initial
pages (or at list the English one) index.XX.html to have
UTF-8 encoding instead of iso-8859-1 (or what is the default).
I checked that and the questions mark were replaced with the
normal letters. The only inconvenient it will be that that
all non ASCII characters have to be replaced with the Unicode
correspondent (or &#xxxx;). This will enlarge a bit the size of
the pages, but we can do this JUST for the main pages:
www.debian.org/index.XX.html (XX = country code).

Lynx behaves similar in both cases (UTF-8 or default).

What do you think?

Ionel, one of the Romanian translators.

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