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Bug#100148: Over dependency on main www.debian.org server

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 09:56:37AM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> I was attempting to use the www.debian.org, bugs.debian.org and
> lists.debian.org servers today. I don't know if we're under attack, or if
> it's genuine traffic loads due to the Linux conference; but I get
> connections only sporadically.

bugs.d.o and lists.d.o web pages were down due to hardware failure recently.

> I tried to select one of the mirrors from the popup at the left side of the
> main page, realizing the main server was not going to be much good. But
> there's a problem; the popup is serviced by a cgi, on the main server, so
> since the main server is still tied up it doesn't work.
> I realized that the url I needed was coded at the end of the cgi query, and
> pasted the australia url into my browser window. But, I think the popup
> should go away in favor of hard links to the mirrors.

Hmm, it never was clear to me why we needed the CGI instead of pure links.
Maybe because of increase in size of the HTML? I'll let some of the senior
web editors answer this...

> Next, I tried to access the mailing list archives on the mirror server. But
> it appears the list archives are not actually mirrored, the link on the
> mirror page sent me back to the terminally busy lists.debian.org.
> Next I went to the mirrored bug page, only to find the search buttons and
> links pointed me back to, that same busy server.
> I think we need to rethink our mirroring strategy to accommodate some of
> these issues, so we're not so vulnerable to single-server failures or
> attacks.

> btw, the australian server kept trying to serve me some pages in Chinese.
> Even the front pages were Chinese in South Africa and the Netherlands. The
> server in Turkey has apparently got it right. (I did check my browser
> settings and it is set to display English).

Could it be that it is set up to show en-us or en-gb? If so, add in en, too.

There are some glitches in Apache configuration on some of the mirrors that
could be causing this, we'll be investigating this soon (hi jt! ;).

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