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Re: all of the web pages will now have a mirror list.

On Fri, 08 Jun 2001, kaare@nightcall.dk wrote:
> Is it possible to sort the mirror list according to the specific
> translations?
> To pick an example Austria is listed first in the Danish version of
> the page, but in Danish (and several other languages) the name is
> spelled much differently from the English name, and should actually
> be at the bottom of the list (in Danish even after "www.debian.org"
> - which, supposing sorting is possible, should always be last, or
> perhaps first).

Same problem applies to ie. consultants page where countries are in
wrong order in translations[1].  Basically problem is same, so it would
be useful to think enough general solution for this.  With my
knowledge about WML it would be some kind of Perl function to sort
those things that would be used everywhere when needed.

[1] In consultants page there is of course possible to reorder quick
links to countries manually and such way move it bit towards The Real
Thing. :-)

Tommi Vainikainen

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