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Re: Vendor pages (was: CVS webwml/english/distrib)

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 12:13:27AM +0300, Tommi Vainikainen wrote:
> > Debian CVS joy wrote:
> >> Update of /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/distrib
> >> In directory klecker:/org/www.debian.org/webwml/english/distrib
> >> 
> >> Modified Files:
> >> 	vendors.CD vendors.wml 
> >> Log Message:
> >> reverted vendors.wml to 1.60, moved vendors.wml 1.6.1 to vendors.CD
                                                        ~ typo
> > 
> > Err, what are you doing there?  Weren't these files under the
> > authority of seeS who will hunt us down if we edit them?
> It was clearly mistake by csmall, I was about to do the same (under
> account "finnish"), but I was in hurry, so I didn't have a time.
> At least for me (when comparin files) it was easy to see that new data
> generated by script was meant to be named vendors.CD but by some human
> intervention renamed that to vendors.wml.  (You can compare version
> 1.61 of vendors.wml to old version 1.130 (one before joy's commit) of
> vendors.CD, those files are similar where only changes are new data.)

What he said :) seeS broke the pages by committing the data under the wrong
filename, I merely fixed it.

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