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Site map and missing link names

Cut'n'paste from current source of

1:  <p><ul>
2:  <li><a href="MailingLists/">Mailing Lists</a>
3:  <li><a href="MailingLists/debian-announce">debian-announce Mailing List Subscription</a>
4:  <li><a href="MailingLists/subscribe"><subscribe_title></a>
5:  <li><a href="MailingLists/unsubscribe"><unsubscribe_title></a>
6:  <li><a href="http://lists.debian.org/";>Mailing&nbsp;List&nbsp;Archives</a>
7:  </ul>

As you see, there is problem with lines 4 and 5, name of the link is not
what it should be.

So, is this patch good way to fix the problem above?  If is, can
somebody apply it?

diff -u -r1.4 sitemap.wml
--- sitemap.wml	2001/05/26 13:05:23	1.4
+++ sitemap.wml	2001/05/28 06:52:21
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
 #include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/template/debian/links.tags"
+#include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/MailingLists/mklist.tags"
 #use wml::debian::template title="<sitemap>" BARETITLE=true
 #include "$(ENGLISHDIR)/releases/info"

@@ -19,6 +20,8 @@
   if ($page eq "doc/maint-guide/") { return "<new_maint_guide>" }
   if ($page eq "http://bugs.debian.org/~wakkerma/bugs/";) { return "<rc_bugs>" }
   if ($page eq "http://lintian.debian.org/";) { return "<lintian>" }
+  if ($page eq "MailingLists/subscribe") { return "<subscribe_title>" }
+  if ($page eq "MailingLists/unsubscribe") { return "<unsubscribe_title>" }

   $page =~ s/^(.+)#(.+)$/$1/; # remove anchors (will handle this later)
   $page =~ s,/stable/,/potato/,; # kludges,

After this, also Makefile could be simplified by no more requiring
building of files (un)subscribe.$LANG.html in MailingLists
subdirectory before making sitemap.$LANG.html. 

I hope you didn't get this twice, I just didn't receive my own
posting, therefore I'm now re-sending this with no words
"(un)subscribe" in subject, as it really looks like it was the reason.
(I first got "confirmation request" as a reply for my mail...)

Tommi Vainikainen

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