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Solemn Assembly


«Through acquaintance with of the world cultural values – towards common economic ethic – to the implementation of new forms of cooperation and investment»

Dear Sir!


            The Organizing Committee is glad to invite You to take part at the Solemn Assembly “Russia and Asian World: Culture – Diplomacy – Investments”.

            The conduction of the Solemn Assembly is supported by the Federal Foundation of Appraising, the Directorate of the Presidential Programmes of the Russian Foundation of Culture, Embassy of the Indonesian Republic in the Russian Federation, the Institute of Procrisis Investigations, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of the Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation. This arrangement is approved by the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

            The Solemn Assembly will be attended by the Heads of the Asian diplomatic missions, their Trade representatives in Russia, high-ranking government officials, chief representatives of concerned ministries and authorities, leaders of Russian and Asian companies.

            At the Solemn part of the arrangement the Minister of Culture Russian Federation Michael Shvidkoy will give honour rewards to diplomats, prominent figures in culture and art and businessmen for their contribution to development of diplomatic and cultural relations among Russia and Asian countries and implementation of the charity and socially significant and beneficial programmes.

            At the Business session will be arranged the Round table about Russia and Asian countries’ cooperation in the new millennium. The high-ranking government officials, leading economists and experts will provide the participants with information about economic reforms in Russia, the improvement of investing climate, investment policy including tax and judicial legislation, Russian market, perspectives for sales, the plans for the development of different branches (Hi-Fi in particular) now and in the future. So investors and companies alike will come to the Grand Kremlin Palace to access the new millennium with right approaches to the right investment projects. 

            As Russia is looking for the best Asian companies to work together at the meeting will be held the presentation of several investment projects both of the Center and the Federal regions, which are the most attractive to the Asian investors. Cooperation is extremely needed for innovation companies which shaping the 21-st century new economy.

            Before the Assembly and during the breaks all participants will have an opportunity to acquaintance with the exposition of the Asian modern artists’ paintings, computer art and with the new Hi-Fi products of the Russian and Asian companies.

            Private discussions and negotiations according to spheres of economic interests and line of business will be arranged by the VIP participants’ requests on the 20-th of June – the second day of the Assembly.

            The Solemn Assembly will be held in Kremlin on 19 and 20 June, 2001.

            The letter with formal invitation has already been sent to Your address.

            Plese, contact to the Organizers in case of Your interest, and all nesessary information will be send for You by e-mail momentarely.  

            Best regards,

            The Chairman of the Organizing Committee                                                             I.B.Tolstoshein

            Additional information can be found on web-page: www.ffo.ru/az/eindex.html or requested by e-mail ffo@cnt.ru.


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