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Re: request

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22J=FCrgen_A=2E_Erhard=22?= said:
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>>>>>> "Sergio" =3D=3D Sergio Brandano <sb@dcs.qmw.ac.uk> writes:
>    Sergio> By posting to a "mailing list", you are posting to a
>    Sergio> number of people; it is like making a xerox of your mail,
>    Sergio> then post it to a number of people. The mere fact that you
>    Sergio> are posting to 100 friends rather than 1, does not make
>    Sergio> your mail a journal article.
>Good example... now imagine this thing would go to court (which would
>be your logical next/final step, if we (Debian) don't comply with your
>wishes.  Doesn't seem like we will...).  Try to imagine telling this
>to a judge... but tell him/her the *real* picture:
>You: "I wrote a letter to a friend.  He xeroxed it and mailed it to a
>list of my friends."[1]

Actually its: "I wrote a letter and sent it to a public newspaper with the 
request they publish the letter, and now I don't want some people to see 
that letter (after they published it at my request), and I want it taken 
out of the archives of that newspaper (despite it being a well-known 
public archive, that everyone knows about and uses."

Judge:  "Why did you send it to the public newspaper and request it be 
published, if you didn't want people to see the letter?"

You:  "I didn't know the address of the public newspaper "Letters to the 
Editor" meant the public newspaper "Letters to the Editor," I thought they 
would just forward it on to a few folks I know about."

Judge:  "Why are you here?"


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