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Re: request

On Sat, May 05, 2001, Sergio Brandano wrote:
> I am tired of all these messages!
> Stop posting!

 Well, if you are tired of 'em, why keep you asking for 'em?  *wonders*

> You have to understand that no person or institute
> owns your copyright if you do not transfer the
> ownership in writing via a legal document!

 Yes, that's right.  Noone in debian is claiming the copyright on your

> By posting these recent messages, for example, I have
> just exerted my right to express my opinion, by posting
> to a restricted number of people, on channels that
> are not under the copyright of Debian. As such,

 Yes, you're still right - Debian doesn't claim the copyright for your

> this very mail, for example is still my mail, and
> Debian *can not* and *must not* archive it!

 Uhm, that's the point where you are not right.  By mailing to a
debian-mailinglist you implicitly agree that your mail might be
archived.  We are sorry that you didn't notice that by the fact that
there are archives available.  Rephrasing of the pages that this is more
obvious are worked on.  Still the fact that we are rephrasing the pages
doesn't mean that we've done something wrong.  It was never a secret
that the messages are archived, and if you would have taken a look at
the link I offered you you would have noticed that the archives are
mentioned next to the subscription instructions.  Again, don't blame
Debian for your ignorance of that fact.

> Are we speaking the same language? It is like
> talking to friends for years, and suddenly discover
> that they have been recording you! Not only this,
> but they have been also duplicating and indexing
> via commercial institutes! Where is the privacy?

 Uhm, Debian is no commercial distribution, we are not indexing via
commercial institutes, no matter what you claim.  And if you read the
constitution of debian it's not about privacy at all.

> What sort of community is this one?

 A truly open community, I would say.

> The reason why I am doing it also another one.
> I am tired of seeing pages of links to my past
> emails, every time I type my name on a main
> search site! The copyright issue is the only
> instrument I have to cut them out for good.

 The copyright issue doesn't apply here, as you have been informed
several times yet.

> search site! So, and I am repeating myself once
> more, we have to forbid the web engines like
> Lycos and Excite etc to go through all those mail.

 I don't see any reason at all for that.

> Regardless of whether you agree with me or not,
> I do not want Debian to archive my mail,
> whether it is past, present of future.

 Then stop posting to debian-mailinglists for that's the only way you
can go.  Even though you have been notified of the fact (now even
directly) you keep mailing to the lists so it's up to you.

[although I write "we" like "the Debian Project" it is mainly my personal
 opinion, but I might claim the feeling that they are shared by others
 in the project, too]
To err is human,
To purr feline.
                -- Robert Byrne

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