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packages.d.o: searching for a specific package

I want to link to the packages.d.o page for a specific package
(e.g. mutt, http://packages.debian.org/unstable/mail/muttprint.html)
without knowing in which section (mail) the package is.  Currently,
I link to the search_packages.pl script.  However, in the case of
mutt, also muttprint, muttzilla and mutt-ja are displayed.  First,
I wanted to propose that a search for mutt$ should be possible.
However, the packages.d.o page suggests that mutt$ is actually the

   Searches on package names should include a single word. An asterisk,
   '*', can be used as a wildcard at the end of words. Searches on

and what currently is displayed is mutt*.

While I think mutt* should be the default, I'd like to see mutt$ as a
possible search string.  Is that possible?

Also, I thought there was agreement to remove the "Quality" colum.

Martin Michlmayr

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