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Proposal for using people.d.o/<developer>

There have been a number of people requesting better access and/or
coordination of various items relating to developers and their
packages. The following takes some of those ideas and puts them
together in a way that I hope will be useful.

http://people.debian.org/~<developer> will display
~<developer>/public_html/ as it currently does.

http://people.debian.org/<developer> will display a page of
information relating to <developer>. Possible items shown
on this page are given below. If <developer> does not exist,
then the results of a search for that name will be given.

Items shown on http://people.debian.org/<developer>:
- email address (preferred, not the default <developer>@debian.org one)
- homepage (if in the db)
- packages maintained (with link to the unstable version of the package page)
- world coordinates (if in the db)
- GPG/PGP fingerprint, with a link to the full public key
- irc nick (if in the db)

Have I missed anything obvious? Any other suggestions?

James (Jay) Treacy

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