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Re: Searching and non-latin1 charsets

Craig Small:

> For example, the search engine spits out 213 which in koi8-r is a
> "A with two dots on top of it" but in latin1 is "X with squiggle"
> even though the search engine spits out 213, if the Russian template
> is not there, it defaults to the English (latin1) template and the
> browser "incorrectly" renders the character.

Then the search engine is doing things wrong. The way to do it correctly
would be to don't care about which character set the actual template is in,
but spit out Unicode (perhaps &#-encoded) for non-ASCII characters. That
way, we can get Russian characters from the Swedish search form.

But the best solution, IMHO, would be to make the search pages use UTF-8.

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