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Re: Lists search

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Cesar Mendoza wrote:

> Hi,
> I see that the glimpse searching is still not working for old data. I tried
> to take a look but run out of time. What I found was:
> 1.- The glimpse databases for most of the archives are there (I didn't
> check all, but devel has its data base and is not working).
> 2.- So far what I found in the code was OK, compared with the code I have
> in the lists-archives package (this wasn't exhaustive, so I may be
> worn). So, I'm inclined to think that for some reason glimpse is not
> returning anything (corrupted database?). To test this hypothesis I
> touched the archives for debian-devel-0004 debian-devel-0005
> debian-devel-0006, so some time tomorrow the archive and the glimpse
> database should be re-builded.
> I would check tomorrow to see what happened and report any findings.

The search on debian-devel for the period Apr-Jun 2000 is now working,
that means that my hypothesis was correct and the glimpse database was
corrupted somehow. 

So, I touched all the archives in the hope that sometime tomorrow this
problem will go away for all the other lists.

Cesar Mendoza
"The three golden rules to ensure computer security:
Do not own a computer, do not power it on, and do not use it."
  --Robert T. Morris

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