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Re: Debian WWW CVS: peterk

Josip Rodin:

> How exactly is <b> evil?

It is visual markup, in contrast to <strong> which is logical. And <b> is
depreciated in HTML 4.0, which we supposedly following.

> And why is <code> better than <tt>?

For the same reason.

> You should have just replaced it with <blockquote>, that would make the same
> effect, although it would indent the right-hand side, too.

Oh, you were using it to indent something? I didn't notice, I just saw an
illegal <ul> and removed it. I didn't know it could be abused to indent
stuff. BTW, <blockquote> isn't the same thing as indentation, to indent
stuff you need CSS (something like <dl style="margin-left: 2em">), there is
nothing like indentation in HTML, <blockquote> means that it is a block of
quoted text, which I didn't see any of in the page.

> Also, adding <P>\n still makes weblint/tidy barf, IIRC...

Then it's broken. I usually try to minimize the changes in CVS, and thus
adding a <P> on its own rather than changing a whole line to start with a
<P> and possibly reformatting the whole paragraph of text is much better.

> /me notes HTML is rather lame

Only if used incorrectly. HTML with CSS is quite a powerful presentation

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