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the bad link pages have been updated

The bad link pages have been updated. They can be found at

Remember that the current script has problems and will not be
replaced until va is upgraded to potato. Until then ignore the
many problems it has, including:
 - doesn't handle 'special' urls. This includes anything followed
   by a '?'.
 - doesn't handle any http error codes - even if they aren't
   fatal. This includes redirects.
 - occasionally times out on perfectly good sites. Not sure why.
 - doesn't set the base correctly if a link to a directory doesn't
   contain a final '/'.
 - If you find and error you don't agree with, blame it on the script.

My apologies for you having to wade through the same mistakes time
after time. It won't be too much longer til potato is out. :)

James (Jay) Treacy

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