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i386-centrism of -R .../Packages

Greetings:  God bless you.

Warning: more than one topic.

Apologies if these topics are already treated in
the archives:  the search didn't turn up anything

I had occasion to grab some source through the web
pages, following the links from .../distrib/packages
(BTW, I noticed that .../Packages seems to be the
same page) through unstable to the mail section to
compface.  Today I realized that sparc binary packages
are not available through these pages; in fact,
only i386 binary packages are.

Gentlemen and Ladies, isn't this an egregious situation
which needs ameliorization at the next possible moment?
(Today is my "big words" day...)

Aren't some of the contents of these pages generated
through scripts, to ensure correct version numbers
and filenames and such like?  If so, it should nearly
be trivial to add [download sparc] buttons or, on
the download page, add paragraphs of lists of sites/mirrors
for each of the supported processors.

I'll be glad to help with this once I am inducted as
a Debian Developer.  In fact, I'd like to lead the effort
to have the non-script-generated (or static) portions
of these pages translated.  I could contribute to
Spanish translation, and I had in the Statement of
Intent section of my application to do this kind of thing,
though my thought was toward other documentation at the

Do you think it would be too much of an imposition to
require an html/shtml page from a package maintainer,
much like the requirement to supply _some_ kind of man

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