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the mirror run time


Actually, it's not 17:30 local time on master, it's half an hour later,
because of ~archvsync/webmirrors/runmirrors script that has a `sleep 1800'
before other commands.

That timing has been changed to 17:30 on purpose, to be 13:52 (dinstall
start) + the time it took for dinstall to finish (while it was still on
master) + a little bit of overhead, just in case. Therefore it would be
better to change the script to remove that sleeping time, the problem it
addresses has been dealt with already.

Also, there is another `sleep 3600' there, but IIRC it doesn't take one hour
for the primary mirrors to rsync the daily changes, usually, so (if I'm
right) that one should be changed, too.

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