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Bug#57796: www.debian.org: packages search engine doesn't find 'bug' package


> Package: www.debian.org
> Version: 20000211
> Severity: normal
> The search form at packages.debian.org does not return anything when
> searching for "bug". This occurs even if you set all possible options
> to max (search all versions and all releases).

Strange, this still happens.

The file /debian2/web/packages_db/input/Packages_i386_unstable.main contains
the bug package (and bugsx, for that matter), but the search can't find it.

> Possibly related: There is a package "bug," listed in the package index.

Package index?

> Glitch: The result form says "Reponses 1-0 of 0 responses shown."
> Probably no matches should be made into a special case.

Yes, this has been reported already.

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