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Default apache web page drive Debian webmasters nutty

Package: apache

The default apache web page does not clearly state that the system is
using Debian as opposed to being part of Debian.

We (Debian webmasters) therefore get plenty of email saying that one of
"our systems" is hacking, spamming, got wierd domain names etc.  This is
slowly sending us insane.

Can you change the page so that badly maintained sites can still show
something about Debian but have something obvious in it so people know
not to bother us.

This computer is using the Debian GNU/Linux operating system but has
nothing to do with the Debian GNU/Linux project.  If you are a not using
this host and want to report something about this hosts behavour or
domain, please do NOT email the Debian project.

Or something like that.

Remember, webmasters are distributed around the world, you will have
nowhere to hide when we go insane from the messages we get about this.

  - Craig
  (One of those mad people who gets webmaster email)
Craig Small VK2XLZ  GnuPG:1C1B D893 1418 2AF4 45EE  95CB C76C E5AC 12CA DFA5
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