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[pacopepe@raudo.dhis.org: Wrong links on http://www.debian.org/related_links.es.html]

Could one of the Spanish translators look into this?

----- Forwarded message from Francisco Jose Montilla <pacopepe@raudo.dhis.org> -----

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 02:32:47 +0100 (MET)
From: Francisco Jose Montilla <pacopepe@raudo.dhis.org>
To: webmaster@debian.org
Subject: Wrong links on http://www.debian.org/related_links.es.html


	I've been visiting your web site, and found that on page
http://www.debian.org/related_links.es.html, after header "COMOs de Linux
HOWTO" reads:

Las versiones traducidas de los COMOS al español se encuentran en el
paquete doc-linux-es. Han sido
traducidos por los integrantes del grupo INSFLUGcoordinados por Francisco
José Montilla y los originales se
pueden encontrar aquí.

	"aqui" has an outdated link to a nonexistent place,
http://lucas.ctv.es/htmls/howto.html, while the actual place where such
trasnlations are coordinated and produced is www.insflug.org. 

	Thanks in advance,

Francisco J. Montilla               System & Network administrator
pacopepe@iname.com      irc: pukka        Seville	     Spain   
INSFLUG (LiNUX) Coordinator: www.insflug.org   -   ftp.insflug.org

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James (Jay) Treacy

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