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Re: Debian WWW CVS: gecko

Darren O. Benham:

> Yes.. but the person being served the wrong page will most likely have the
> characterset loaded that's necessary to make sense of his language name at
> the bottom of the screen.

Not necessarily, modern browsers configure themselves automatically
corresponding to what the document says. For example, the Japanese index
page comes up with Japanese characters here, but it wouldn't unless it had
been marked as such. Conversly, people in Japan should be able to see
latin-1 documents when they clearly are marked as such.

> I'm not as concerned if english speaking people (for example) see a little 
> garbage at the bottom of the screen in an area that's clearly meant to show
> alternate language choices.

I don't know if you can mark an area of the text as being in a different
character set than the standard one (like you can with languages), but
otherwise, I don't think it's a good idea to intermix incompatible character

Also, it might be a good idea to use correct language identifiers around the
links, since the HTML document itself is indicated as being in the target
language (the LANG atribute of the HTML tag). Something like this:

  <a href="index.en.html" lang=en>English</a>
  <a href="index.sv.html" lang=sv>Svenska</a>

peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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