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Re: Translation of vendors, books and pre-installed in distrib/

peter karlsson said:
> All these pages has a non-translateable string for the URL, saying "URL:".
> Although this is an international abbreviation, in Swedish it is recommended
> not to use it, but instead to write out what it means. However, in the
> currect format, I am unable to translate it, and I can't figure out how to
> do it either, because the URL define-tag is a small Perl script...
> I would appreciate if the pages mentioned (their .def files) would be
> modified so that translation is possible.
I've done the books and CD vendors .def files in a way now that should
be suitable to you.  I'd like some other to just check what I have done
as it was a little fiddly.

A note to the other translators, there is now a space for you to
write "URL" in any way you like, just another slice really.

  - Craig

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